Peace Love Sparkles

Hey guys,
I am just your normal average girl who is looking for her one true love. I spend my mornings working, my days reading, and my nights catching up on all of my favorite shows. And somewhere in between I always find time to listen to music. I love God with my whole heart, and I am just waiting to see where He is going to lead me next. If you have an questions do not hesitate to ask.

Grace, Peace, Love.

Emilee <3


Hello beautiful tumblr followers!

I got a job this summer at Pine Cove Summer Camp in Columbus, Texas! I am super excited for this, unfortunately I will not be able to have my phone except on Saturdays. Therefore, I will not be posting on tumblr very often, which I am sad about. However, I can get letters while at camp, so if you beautiful people are bored this summer and just want to have someone to talk to PLEASE write me letters! I will love reading them and I will be so happy to reply! Here is my address if you should choose:
Emilee Sarasin
1237 Papa Bear Lane
Columbus, Texas, 78934

Ps: I am supposed to get a nickname and that is what my letters will be sent to, I do not have one yet though, but when I do I will post it!!

Love you all so much! I hope you all have a wonderful and amazing summer full of adventure 😘

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